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Student Teaching FAQ’s

I wasn’t able to make the Student Teaching Orientation Session. How do I get the information? 

If you were not able to make the orientation session for your department, you should first, try to attend one of the other sessions listed on our web page. The information is general to all student teachers. If you still aren’t able to attend one of the other sessions, then review the PowerPoint that is posted on the site and the handout given out. If you still have questions after reviewing the PowerPoint and handout, you can make an appointment to meet with one of the directors in the STEP office.

I had trouble completing my application because I haven’t taken the courses listed yet (or my courses are not in the list)

No worries. As we shared in the Orientation Session, the current database is antiquated and no longer able to do all the things we need it to do. Please select something on the list to move the application forward. When you print it off, cross or black out the wrong information and provide appropriate information. When attempting to place you, we work from the approved application that you hand to us because we know of this flaw.

The address for my residency during student teaching changed from what I originally put on my application and I was placed too far away. 

We are well aware of the fact that your application for student teaching is solicited a year in advance. If you move, or have any other special circumstance that arises, just email and let us know as soon as you can. The sooner we know, the better.

I play/sing in a instrumental/choral ensemble and want to continue while I am student teaching. Can you find me a placement close to campus? 

Music majors and non-music majors who want to continue participating in any of the Department of Music ensembles should make a note on the application before handing it in to their program’s coordinator. Every effort will be made to support your request.

My GPA is still under 3.00. Can I still student teach? 

If your GPA is between 2.750 and 2.999, you can participate in student teaching. You will need to get permission from your academic department and sign a waiver that you will not be recommended for teacher certification until you raise your GPA to 3.00.

I’ve been fingerprinted twice (once as a college student for a practicum and the other for substitute teaching). Which set of fingerprints should I be sending the STEP office and how (transfer, archive)?
The student should drop off a copy of their substitute certification, because it supersedes the fingerprinting completed for your clinical experience. We encourage students to archive their fingerprinting results. This gives the student the ability to send/transfer their fingerprinting results to a school/district faster. Students do not have to send fingerprinting results until they have been placed as a student teacher.
I need an Universal Fingerprint Form and don’t know where to find that form. Can you help me?
You can go to the Clearances Required page of our website and follow the directions under Criminal Background and Fingerprinting. You have to complete that form with the State of New Jersey to get the Universal Fingerprinting Form. It will be sent to you after completing your criminal background application.