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Clinical Practice II / Student Teaching Clearances

All Clearance Documents Pertaining to Fall 2024 Student Teaching should be submitted via the following linked form.
CPII Fall 2024 Clearance Submission Form (Fall 2024 Student Teaching only)
Do not email clearance documents to the STEP Office.


The following clearances are to be submitted when applying for student teaching and are due March 8, 2024 (along with the CPII Application).

  1. Substitute Certification
    If you don’t currently have an active substitute certification: Submit the rest of your clearances, and let us know in the form’s “Notes” section when submitting the rest of your documents that you’ve applied for your sub cert. (Info on applying for your substitute certification can be found here.)
  2. Current Fingerprints (See notes below) – Submit your current ones. Once we know where you’ll be going, we’ll have you transfer them.
  3. Current Negative TB/Mantoux (dated 8/26/23 or later)
  4. Current Resume
  5. Current Unofficial Transcripts

Many districts require these documents upfront when the STEP Office sends placement requests; therefore, it’s crucial to the placement process that these clearances be turned in before the due date.
*Districts typically request additional clearances once a placement is found/secured.

Fingerprinting Instructions

When Applying for CEII Student Teaching: Submit Current Fingerprints (due March 8, 2024)
Submit your current fingerprint record from previous TCNJ field experiences.

  • Access your existing fingerprint records from the state (use this website)
  • View your record and save it as a PDF.

After Your Placement is Approved: Send (Transfer) Fingerprints to the District

: Only do this after you are instructed to do so.  Most of the time, you’ll do this after your placement is accepted and confirmed.  Sometimes, districts require this upfront (if this is the case, a placement is not guaranteed in that district until a teacher is found and approved).

  • Check first to make sure that your fingerprint record says “substitute teacher” for job position/category using this website.  If it says something different, please email for other directions.

  • If it does say “substitute teacher”…
    1. Use this link to transfer:
    2. Fill in your info.
    3. Select “Substitute Teacher” for job category.
    4. Under “Public School Selection”, select the appropriate county and school district
    5. After about 3 business days, view your new fingerprint record here and save it as a PDF.  Submit it to STEP by using the Submission Form at the top of this page.

Note: The STEP Office and your hosting district do NOT automatically get your fingerprints after you transfer them.  It is up to the student to submit the new fingerprints record with the new school district codes.

  • This is an example of the correct document to download and save as a pdf document.








Tuberculin Screening (Mantoux/TB Test)

You are required to submit a negative Mantoux/TB test that is within one year of your student teaching start date. For Fall 2024, that means TB tests must be dated 8/26/23 or later.

*Districts differ in the timeframe that they’ll accept a Mantoux/TB test.  While some districts may accept your current Mantoux/TB test, there’s a possibility that you will need to get a new, more recent test done. Once your placement is approved, you will be notified if you need a new one. 

In addition to a doctor’s office and CVS clinics, testing is available at Student Health Services for $20. To schedule an appt and learn more about the test go to: