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Ewing Enrichment Program

The Ewing Enrichment Program is a collaboration between The College of New Jersey’s Office of Support for Teacher Education Programs (STEP) and the Professional Development School Network (PDSN), a consortium of 19 local school districts. The program gives high achieving and self motivated students the opportunity to take college classes for credit in an area of interest.

Participants must be Ewing High School Students. Please contact Mrs. Maeve DiPasquale prior to registration.
Maeve DiPasquale, School Counselor, Ewing High School
Telephone: 609-538-9800 X2117, – Fax: 609-882-8172

For questions related to course selection, registration, and payment please contact:
George Hefelle, STEP Office – 609-771-2540 – –  Fax 609.637.5196

Once accepted to the program:
Ms. Sherlene I. Ayala, Assistant Dean in the School of Education, is the Academic Advisor for Ewing students.
Email: – 609-771-3024

General Information 

– Tuition is $150.00. Additional costs may include: textbooks and other materials, lab fees, parking passes, etc. Payment information will be sent to students once enrollment is completed.
– ACT/SAT scores are not needed except where noted.
–  Enrichment students are considered non matriculated TCNJ students. They will have a student ID #, TCNJ email address, and have access to the Canvas course website, computer labs, wi – fi, and library services. Enrollment fee does not provide access to recreational activities and facilities. Student are to adhere to applicable TCNJ policies, Academic Integrity , and Student Conduct Codes.
– Students may participate in a course if there is space, determined after TCNJ undergraduate registration is complete.
– We recommend you choose three courses – a first choice, second choice, and third choice. We will do our best to place you in the first or second choice.
– All 100 level and 200 level course levels without a prerequisite offered during the Fall or Spring semester are available to you. Please note:

  • Course must be at least one  (1)  unit. A course unit equals four (4) credit hours
  • Modern Language courses – Students may be required to take the language placement test. Please review our FAQ for more details: Language Placement FAQ
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) courses – Some STEM courses may have math-related prerequisites. Please review our information link for more details:
    Mathematics Placement Information

Information and Instructions for selection of TCNJ courses and registration:
You will first choose the courses you would like to take and then complete the Online Enrichment Program Registration.
The registration information will automatically be sent to Mrs. Maeve DiPasquale and TCNJ for review and processing.
You can find a printable version of this page at:  Ewing Enrichment Information

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Select a first, second and third choice class. Reminder: Only select 100 or 200 level courses
Go to: (link will open in new page)
This page provides an A-Z description of all TCNJ courses by major and provides access to the Search option in PAWS(TCNJ course registration system).

– Select an area of interest to learn about its’ 100/200 level courses. Not all courses are offered each semester. You should write down the topic and course #’s for the courses you are interested in taking.
For example: Political Science(POL)

Step 2: Go back to the Course Descriptions A – Z and select SEARCH and then select BEGIN SEARCH.

Here you can search for classes.
– Select the term (Fall2021), Subject and check Show Open Classes Only.
See example below:

You will see all Political Science Courses offered in the Fall 2021 semester.
For example:


Click on the class to learn the # of units, requirements and a description of the class
For example:


For all choices – Write down the following information for the courses you want to take. You will need it for the online registration form.

  • Course Name and Level(100 and 200 level only)
  • Class Number and Section
  • Day(s) and Time(s) of the Course
  • Lab Information(if lab is part of course)

Step # 2 Complete Online Enrichment Program Registration
You are all set!

George Hefelle will contact you to confirm your enrollment and provide information for the next step.