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Ms. Victoria Allen-Edwards,  Assistant Director

Vikki Allen-Edwards has served as a member of the Support for Teacher Education Programs since 1999 and for the past seven years has served as Assistant Director. Prior to arriving at the STEP Office she served 15 years in Residence Life, Student Activities and Judicial Affairs. She earned her BA degree from Centenary College and has matriculated in graduate courses at TCNJ. She works directly with the faculty and school districts in scheduling field placements. Ms. Edwards coordinates the sophomore and junior field placements for the faculty and consults directly with the faculty and school district personnel in the identifying of appropriate school sites for field experiences. She also contributes to the development of STEP Office and Global Student Teaching policy. She can be reached at 771-2528 or

Ms. Ginny Brown, Assistant Director of Student Teachers & Global Student Teaching

Ginny Brown has been a member of the STEP/Global Student Teaching Office for over 20 years and for the past seven years she has served as Project Specialist. She earned her BA degree in Psychology from TCNJ and has also taken education graduate courses at TCNJ. Ms. Brown facilitates the placement of senior student teachers and internship II and follows up on student, faculty and school district questions concerning student teaching and internship II placements. She has also assisted in the coordination of the Global Student Teaching Program, the Ewing High School Advanced Placement Program and the Summer Symposium Program. Issues concerning senior student teaching and Internship II can be directed to Ginny at 771- 2116

Ms. Kathleen DiAntonio, Program Specialist

Kathleen DiAntonio serves as the Secretary to the Director in the STEP Office.  Prior to this appointment she served as Senior Clerk Typist and Receptionist in the Department of Admissions.  Kathy had attended Mercer County Community College and Becker Junior College of Worcester, MA.  She provides secretarial and clerical support for the Student Teaching and Internship programs, Global Student Teaching, Professional Development School Network and provided clerical support to the director and general office.  Kathy can be reached at 609-771-2408 or